Penelope Gioielli is handicraft laboratory that sells their own creations exclusively on-line. To our Clients we offer a vast choice of jewels, guaranteeing the use of appreciated products and quality.

" Every piece of jewellery is hand crafted. Any small imperfections and irregularities are not flaws
but features that render each and every creation genuine and unique"


In our Sterling Silver Bracelets we only use quality materials such Zirconia, sime precious stone and Swarovski Elements pearls
925 sterling silver necklaces with quality materials such as Swarovski pearls, Zirconia and semi precious stones
Sterling silver earrings handmade in Italy. Glamour silver earrings with two-tone charms, Swarovski Elements pearls, Zirconia and semi precious stones
Swarovski jewelry handmade in Italy with genuine Swarovski Elements combined with the sheen of Sterling Silver.
Sterling silver jewelry combined with two-tone charms, semi-precious stones, Swarovski Elements pearls and Zirconia. All SIlver jewelry are produced internally and are marked "925"


Jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in 925 Sterling Silver with beautiful Cubic zirconia that shine like stars in the sky
An elegant and bright collection inspired by the '60s. A line dedicated to refined women who want to combine the brightness of silver to the charm of the pearls.
Light collection realized with the hand weaving of beads and Swarovski Elements
The collection is inspired by the elegant workmanship of macramé lace. Hand-woven bracelets are easy to wear for joining the delicacy of the plot macramé to the brightness of silver, zirconia and Swarovski Elements
Featured products
Sterling Silver and cubic zirconia
Sterling Silver and Swarovski
Swarovski beads
Sterling Silver and Preciosa
Sterling Silver and Swarovski
Swarovski and Preciosa
Sterling Silver and Swarovski
Sterling Silver and Swarovski
Sterling Silver and zircons
Sterling Silver and Swarovski